ADW Tutorial

ADW Launcher EX Tutorial for changing docks and icons:

Step 1: Click the option button on your phone and bring up the menu on the bottom. Navigate to ADW Settings.

Step 2: Go to “UI Settings”

Step 3: Go to “Main Dock”

Step 4: Select “Dock Background”

Step 5: Select “Custom”

Step 6: Select “Gallery”

Step 7: Select the dock you want to use.

Step 8: Go back to your home screen. Make sure you drag the icons from the app drawer on to the dock itself.

Step 9: Long-press the newly placed icon on your dock until this pop-up shows up. Then select “edit” so you can make the icon blank.

Step 10: Select the picture of the icon you are changing.

Step 11:Select “Picture”

Step 12:Select “Gallery”

Step 13: Select the blank icon. Make sure you know where it is. You can download this icon here: Blank PNG

Step 14: Hit “OK”.

Step 15: Now your icon is blank and you will be able to see the custom dock’s icon.

Step 16: Rinse and repeat and you are finished!


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