Curved Collection (other colors available not pictured)

Download both Curved and Decurved collections here: Collection

If anyone has any trouble with the files or notices things are wrong, let me know in the comments so I can update it and make it right for everyone.

Instructions: to come…

Curved All

Curved Black

Curved Blue

Curved Gingerbread

Curved Liberty

Curved Magenta

Curved Purple

Curved Red

Curved White


Decurved Collection

Decurved All

Decurved Black

Decurved Blue

Decurved Gingerbread

Decurved Liberty

Decurved Magenta

Decurved Purple

Decurved Red

Decurved White


23 thoughts on “Downloads

    • Unfortunately, I can’t find the font anymore. I made outlines of the numbers but I must have deleted the font that I used by accident. (had a folder of them separate and deleted it by accident) I think the closest I could find was Avant Garde.

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  2. I was really loving your clocktheme, but I can no longer apply it.
    After my last reboot, the widget just displayed an error.
    When I tried to add the widget again, the superclock themes were empty.

    They no longer show in “Download Skins”.
    I had to move the skins from data/beautifulwidgets/skins into data/beautifulwidgets/scskins for them to show up in the app.

    When I try to apply the skins, i get the message “skin corrupted, please delete it and download it again” (something like that anyway).

    I am using Beautiful Widgets 3.6.5, and I do not remember the last time I ran an update. I will do mass updates on occasion and do not pay much attention.

  3. Ah that makes sense. Glad you figured it out. I’ll have to try and put something together for the super clock skins eventually. Been too busy at work and home to really get anything accomplished here.

  4. Was wondering if you still have the glassnoir and glassnoirfull skins for beautiful widgets available…cant find them anywhere! love em!

    • Mediafire is blocked at my work, so I’ll go ahead and upload a zip of this skins when I get home. They should be in the Beautiful Widgets app in the download section, they’re pretty far down the list, but they should be there.

    • Thanks! I didn’t finish it, but if you want it, I’ll work on it. I haven’t been doing anything lately because of being really busy at work and the new baby. Things are winding down and I’ll have more free time to work on a few things. I’ll tell you what though, the first thing I will start is that Fallout clock. The terminal colors will be: green, white, blue, red and orange/yellow. Once I get one done, I can do the color changes pretty easily.

    • I’m not sure why they would be gone, but I’ll have to reinstall the app and see what is going on. I’ve been taking a break from this stuff for awhile since I’ve been busy with work, my two kids, wife and maintaining my house. I plan on coming back with a lot more stuff eventually, but right now I don’t have a lot of extra time to work on things. I used to be able to work on things during downtime at work, but for the last year or so, that has been pretty much nonexistent.

      I have a lot of files just sitting that I started working on, but never finished. Hopefully I can make something of those and get them put out. I’ll be back soon….maybe I’ll sit down this weekend and work on my skins that are in progress 🙂

      • I’ve looked them up under your name (I have it on my older phone) and under the names of the skins, but can’t find them. Maybe I’m missing something.

        I do like your styles, though, so I hope you can get back to it eventually (although I understand how crazy life can get!). 🙂 Thank you for your hard work. I, for one, appreciate it.

  5. I’m in the same boat — I can’t for the life of me find these skins through Beautiful Widgets any longer (even sorting by the Author’s real name!)

    I attempted manually copying them, but the last set of instructions state to use the /data/beautiful widgets/skins/ folder, which seems to have been split up into scskins, wskins, and tskins in some recent version of BW. I suspect metadata for skins has also changed — so if I attempt to manually copy in the Curved themes into the scskins/ folder, it tells me that it’s corrupt.

    It’s really too bad, these are some of my favorite BW clock themes by far. I’ve even tried digging them off my old phone.

    Resubmitting them to the BW market or what-have-you with any updated format would be lovely!

    • It looks like Beautiful Widgets is looking for different asset names than what are provided in your original zip file (I suppose this has changed with some recent version of BW).

      First, it complains that background.png is corrupt on every attempt to apply it, according to the log, and that the width of the image must be > 0. However, I’m able to view this image without a problem on my phone and my computer, and I’ve downloaded the package twice to be sure.

      It’s also not finding a file called “Background-numbers.png”, which your original package doesn’t contain, nor are any of the included files in your old package obviously analogous to that particular file name.

      Anyways, just some information for you in case you decide to update the package. 🙂

      • Thanks, I’ll check it out. I’ll see if I can get it figured out. I’m on ICS and I’ve been able to download and use the skins without any issues. The scskins folder is for the Superclock skins, I believe. You need it to put them in the skins folder, otherwise, they won’t work.

      • Yes, the skins are not in a zip file when I apply them. Beautiful Widgets no longer looks at the skins/ folder, but now looks at the scskins/, wskins/, etc depending on the type of theme it is.

        What I’m also saying is that the types of image assets and file names that Beautiful Widgets now expects in recent versions has changed from when your themes were made, as a result, your themes don’t work on recent versions of BW as BW doesn’t understand what files are in your theme folder.

        There’s a description of the new format on the BW website – this is also why your themes may not be accepted by the BW developers for publishing, as they don’t fit the new format.

    • Where are exactly are you putting the files? Are you putting them in sdcard/data/beautifulwidgets/skins? Make sure they’re not in a zip file or anything and just the folders are going in there. Let me know if you still have any issues.

      As for the skins not showing up for some people, I’m not sure what to do about that. I haven’t had any issues on any of my devices when trying to find the skins through their app. The Decurved skins are not up on their app, if that is what you’re looking for. When I sent the bulk of the Curved skins, they told me they weren’t going to be taking anymore skins after that, but that wasn’t obviously true since there are a lot of other skins after mine.

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