BMO Wallpaper

Any Adventure Time fans out there? I made a BMO wallpaper for my phone today and figured I would share. Enjoy! This wallpaper is 1440×1280. Image

UPDATE: Decided to make a BMO Noire wallpaper too…



No more iPhone

I was missing Android and 4G LTE, so I searched around Craigslist to see what people wanted to trade for an iPhone 4s. I found someone with a Droid Bionic and a Lapdock that would trade for my phone (not a bad deal if I say so myself!). Kept having trouble meeting up with them so I went ahead and made a posting saying I would like to trade my phone for a Rezound. Just so happened, had a few offers and finally had 2 people offer up their Rezounds for trade.

Ended up with a Rezound, a 32gb card, 2 case but no Beats headphones. It was either the 32gb card or the Beats headphones and a 16gb card at a later date. I planned on buying a decent pair of headphones and an amp for my desk at work anyways, so no big loss on the Beats.

Overall, I’m really happy with the phone. I prefer AOSP over Sense, but those roms will come in due time. I’m just glad to have an unlocked bootloader and and newer Android phone. Running Ineffabilis at the moment with no problems so far!

Heres some icons

Haven’t had much time to work on anything these past few months, but I found a bit of time today to get a few things up. I went ahead and put together 3 different icon sets. These are for people that want to use blank docks and use my icons as replacements. If I’m missing something, let me know and I’ll try and make something up. Going to be down for a while since tomorrow my wife is delivering my second kid, so I wanted to try and post something before things get really busy.

The icon sets are black, white and blur. I plan on making a gingerbread, ice cream sandwich and cyanogenmod (cyan) theme of icons to go with them shortly.

These docks aren’t completely ready, but what the hell, I’ll post them anyways. Enjoy!

Nothing new lately….but maybe soon?

Haven’t been working on anything lately. I really need to get back in to the flow of things and try to get some stuff done. I want to work on making themes for the Launcher Pro widgets but I need to look into how to do that. Going to have a friend maybe help me with some things in the future so there is more creative input with the designs. Once LP Widgets skins are figured out, we will put up some free ones up in the market and maybe make a more premium one that is cheap for people to buy. Also, were going to look in to making downloadable skins for ADW.

Launcher Pro Tutorial for custom docks

Now I’m moving on to the Launcher Pro tutorial. The ADW Launcher EX tutorial and this tutorial will have their own pages now on this blog. I will be making more and more docks so having these tutorials pinned to the top of the blog will help anyone that is new to changing this stuff out.

Now for the fun!

Step 1:Click on options the options button on your phone and then click “Preferences”.


Step 2: Click “Appearance Settings”


Step 3: Click “Dock Background”


Step 4: Click “Custom”


Step 5: Select the dock you want to use.


Step 6:Back on the home screen, do a long-press on one of the dock icons and select “Change Shortcut”.


Step 7: Here you will select the application to replace the icon you long-pressed on. Navigate to the “Applications” section to choose things like Gmail, Browser, Text Messaging, etc…


Step 8: Now you need to change the icon so that it is the blank.png file. Download png here: Blank PNG You need to unzip that file and put the blank.png file somewhere on your phone.


Step 9: Select that blank.png file here.


Step 10: Now your icon is fixed to show the dock in the background.


Step 11: Rinse and repeat and you are done!


Haven’t been messing around with theming lately and certainly haven’t been doing much with Android. Been pretty busy with other things but I plan on putting out some more stuff in the near future. I’m thinking about trying to skin widgets of popular apps and repost them. I really don’t like how widgets all look very different from each other so I plan to try to make them as uniform as possible. Guess I need to figure out how to do that now.