Explanation of Weather Skins

I was recently asked what the text meant on my weather skins and figured I would make a post about it here for everyone to see. Here it is!

SNW (Snow)
SNW (Chance of Snow)
STM (Storm)
STM (Chance of Storm)
CLD (Cloudy)
RN (Rain)
FG (Fog)
HZ (Haze)
ICRN (Icy Rain)
LRN (Light Rain)
MCL (Mostly Cloudy)
PCL (Partly Cloudy)
SNY (Sunny)
CLR (Clear/Sunny)


New Stuff! (For Beautiful Widgets Only)

Clocks: http://www.mediafire.com/?c71s0ago37z1oki
Weather: http://www.mediafire.com/?z67igmy4qmgj68k

Since Google released their Android Design site, I saw they put out the Roboto font for people to use. This would be really easy way to put together a clock widget and a weather widget, so I went ahead and made a few today. Nothing special, but for those that like a simple and clean interface, this works pretty well.

I’m not great at naming things, so I shortened it down and called the collection “Robo”. There are thin (Skim) and thick (Fat) variations of black and white weather widgets at the moment. Right now there is only a thin black or white version of the numbers. These have no backgrounds whatsoever.

To install: The clock skins go in sdcard/data/beautiful-widgets/skins and the weather ones go in sdcard/data/beautiful-widgets/wskins. I’m going to send them to the app creator and hopefully they’ll be in there soon.

As for another project, I told someone I was working on redoing my Fallout skins that I started. I took a break to get these Robo skins out but heres some info about that Fallout project: The project is being redone completely and I’m going to try and use what I can from the actual Fallout 3 game. This whole set will include a newly designed dock, weather widgets, clock and wallpapers (most likely art from the game). I really wish I knew of something out there that could make this stuff more automated for everyone. Maybe it’s a matter of skinning stuff in Sense and making it an actual HTC Skin. If anyone has any ideas on how to basically make this a complete package, I would love to hear more!

BONUS! Galaxy Nexus wallpaper turned to black. If anyone even wants it…

Requested Skin finished

Somebody requested a gold and grey skin a few weeks ago and I finally got around to getting it done. When I was working with the illustrator files to make these, I realized that I had them in CMYK color modes and that the blacks in the other skins are more of a dark grey. These gold and grey skins are solid black, so don’t worry about them being dark grey or something. I might just leave the other skins alone and just make a new black/white theme to replace it.

I should also note that these skins (and any of the clock widget skins)are for Beautiful Widgets. Beautiful Widgets can be found on the market for $2.72.

Download the files here:



Also, I’m going to stop using the stock hi-res Droid X image and mix it up with other phones. I could just post the screenshot by itself, but I like putting it on the phone. Silly, I guess.