Explanation of Weather Skins

I was recently asked what the text meant on my weather skins and figured I would make a post about it here for everyone to see. Here it is!

SNW (Snow)
SNW (Chance of Snow)
STM (Storm)
STM (Chance of Storm)
CLD (Cloudy)
RN (Rain)
FG (Fog)
HZ (Haze)
ICRN (Icy Rain)
LRN (Light Rain)
MCL (Mostly Cloudy)
PCL (Partly Cloudy)
SNY (Sunny)
CLR (Clear/Sunny)


New Stuff! (For Beautiful Widgets Only)

Clocks: http://www.mediafire.com/?c71s0ago37z1oki
Weather: http://www.mediafire.com/?z67igmy4qmgj68k

Since Google released their Android Design site, I saw they put out the Roboto font for people to use. This would be really easy way to put together a clock widget and a weather widget, so I went ahead and made a few today. Nothing special, but for those that like a simple and clean interface, this works pretty well.

I’m not great at naming things, so I shortened it down and called the collection “Robo”. There are thin (Skim) and thick (Fat) variations of black and white weather widgets at the moment. Right now there is only a thin black or white version of the numbers. These have no backgrounds whatsoever.

To install: The clock skins go in sdcard/data/beautiful-widgets/skins and the weather ones go in sdcard/data/beautiful-widgets/wskins. I’m going to send them to the app creator and hopefully they’ll be in there soon.

As for another project, I told someone I was working on redoing my Fallout skins that I started. I took a break to get these Robo skins out but heres some info about that Fallout project: The project is being redone completely and I’m going to try and use what I can from the actual Fallout 3 game. This whole set will include a newly designed dock, weather widgets, clock and wallpapers (most likely art from the game). I really wish I knew of something out there that could make this stuff more automated for everyone. Maybe it’s a matter of skinning stuff in Sense and making it an actual HTC Skin. If anyone has any ideas on how to basically make this a complete package, I would love to hear more!

BONUS! Galaxy Nexus wallpaper turned to black. If anyone even wants it…

Back to Android

Just picked up an HP Touchpad from Craigslist. Already have CM7 (Alpha 3) running on there and couldn’t be happier. Well….I’ll be happier with ICS, but I’m pretty happy with what CM7 has to offer at the moment. Anyways, back to Android I go!

To the Dark Side and back (soon?)

Haven’t made anything or posted lately since I sold my Thunderbolt to my brother since he needed to replace his broken Incredible. I took the opportunity to get an iPhone 4S with the money from the sale since it just so happened to be right when pre-orders opened. I’m pretty happy with the iPhone overall, but I do miss the level of customization that Android had to offer. I don’t have any Android phones to work with at the moment, but I plan on grabbing maybe a Droid X on Craigslist eventually so I can get back to work.


As the title of this post says….sorry. I’ve really been slacking and just haven’t been doing much with Android. I slapped together a header (that I will replace soon anyways) and found a theme I liked. It’s pretty typical looking, but I like it. So all I need to do is come up with a permanent header and some new content for the site.

I used to own a Droid X but switched over to a Thunderbolt and I’ve been pretty happy with what Sense had to offer. However, I’ve become tired of Sense and felt like the phone should be a lot “snappier”. I’ve rooted it before, but ran a build of DAS-BAMF that was pretty buggy. I switched back to stock and just now gave CM7 a shot since it seemed to be pretty solid. I love it! Now that I’m back to switching between ADW EX and Launcher Pro, I’m going to come up with some more Beautiful Widgets, docks and I might purchase Fancy Widget and bring some of my stuff over to that app.

So, look forward to some actual updates. I think I’ll be sticking with CM7 (or at least an AOSP rom).

Not something anyone would use, but hey, heres an Android-Chicken.

ADW Launcher EX Tutorial for custom docks

Since sending some dock files over to Droid-Life.com, people are asking how to use these files. First off, you don’t need to be rooted or running a custom ROM. This particular tutorial is for ADW Launcher EX but I will add a Launcher Pro tutorial shortly. I’m pretty sure the regular ADW Launcher will not let you change the docks to custom icons like EX will. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m almost postive you need to buy ADW Launcher EX to be able to customize icons and docks.

Sorry if this tutorial is condescending to some, but I wanted it to be as thorough as possible. Anyhow, lets get started:

Step 1: Click the option button on your phone and bring up the menu on the bottom. Navigate to ADW Settings.


Step 2: Go to “UI Settings”


Step 3: Go to “Main Dock”

Step 4: Select “Dock Background”

Step 5: Select “Custom”

Step 6: Select “Gallery”

Step 7: Select the dock you want to use.

Step 8: Go back to your home screen. Make sure you drag the icons from the app drawer on to the dock itself.

Step 9: Long-press the newly placed icon on your dock until this pop-up shows up. Then select “edit” so you can make the icon blank.

Step 10: Select the picture of the icon you are changing.

Step 11:Select “Picture”

Step 12:Select “Gallery”

Step 13: Select the blank icon. Make sure you know where it is. You can download this icon here: Blank PNG

Step 14: Hit “OK”.

Step 15: Now your icon is blank and you will be able to see the custom dock’s icon.

Step 16: Rinse and repeat and you are finished!