No more iPhone

I was missing Android and 4G LTE, so I searched around Craigslist to see what people wanted to trade for an iPhone 4s. I found someone with a Droid Bionic and a Lapdock that would trade for my phone (not a bad deal if I say so myself!). Kept having trouble meeting up with them so I went ahead and made a posting saying I would like to trade my phone for a Rezound. Just so happened, had a few offers and finally had 2 people offer up their Rezounds for trade.

Ended up with a Rezound, a 32gb card, 2 case but no Beats headphones. It was either the 32gb card or the Beats headphones and a 16gb card at a later date. I planned on buying a decent pair of headphones and an amp for my desk at work anyways, so no big loss on the Beats.

Overall, I’m really happy with the phone. I prefer AOSP over Sense, but those roms will come in due time. I’m just glad to have an unlocked bootloader and and newer Android phone. Running Ineffabilis at the moment with no problems so far!


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