Back to Android

Just picked up an HP Touchpad from Craigslist. Already have CM7 (Alpha 3) running on there and couldn’t be happier. Well….I’ll be happier with ICS, but I’m pretty happy with what CM7 has to offer at the moment. Anyways, back to Android I go!


To the Dark Side and back (soon?)

Haven’t made anything or posted lately since I sold my Thunderbolt to my brother since he needed to replace his broken Incredible. I took the opportunity to get an iPhone 4S with the money from the sale since it just so happened to be right when pre-orders opened. I’m pretty happy with the iPhone overall, but I do miss the level of customization that Android had to offer. I don’t have any Android phones to work with at the moment, but I plan on grabbing maybe a Droid X on Craigslist eventually so I can get back to work.