As the title of this post says….sorry. I’ve really been slacking and just haven’t been doing much with Android. I slapped together a header (that I will replace soon anyways) and found a theme I liked. It’s pretty typical looking, but I like it. So all I need to do is come up with a permanent header and some new content for the site.

I used to own a Droid X but switched over to a Thunderbolt and I’ve been pretty happy with what Sense had to offer. However, I’ve become tired of Sense and felt like the phone should be a lot “snappier”. I’ve rooted it before, but ran a build of DAS-BAMF that was pretty buggy. I switched back to stock and just now gave CM7 a shot since it seemed to be pretty solid. I love it! Now that I’m back to switching between ADW EX and Launcher Pro, I’m going to come up with some more Beautiful Widgets, docks and I might purchase Fancy Widget and bring some of my stuff over to that app.

So, look forward to some actual updates. I think I’ll be sticking with CM7 (or at least an AOSP rom).

Not something anyone would use, but hey, heres an Android-Chicken.


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