Launcher Pro Tutorial for custom docks

Now I’m moving on to the Launcher Pro tutorial. The ADW Launcher EX tutorial and this tutorial will have their own pages now on this blog. I will be making more and more docks so having these tutorials pinned to the top of the blog will help anyone that is new to changing this stuff out.

Now for the fun!

Step 1:Click on options the options button on your phone and then click “Preferences”.


Step 2: Click “Appearance Settings”


Step 3: Click “Dock Background”


Step 4: Click “Custom”


Step 5: Select the dock you want to use.


Step 6:Back on the home screen, do a long-press on one of the dock icons and select “Change Shortcut”.


Step 7: Here you will select the application to replace the icon you long-pressed on. Navigate to the “Applications” section to choose things like Gmail, Browser, Text Messaging, etc…


Step 8: Now you need to change the icon so that it is the blank.png file. Download png here: Blank PNG You need to unzip that file and put the blank.png file somewhere on your phone.


Step 9: Select that blank.png file here.


Step 10: Now your icon is fixed to show the dock in the background.


Step 11: Rinse and repeat and you are done!


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