ADW Launcher EX Tutorial for custom docks

Since sending some dock files over to, people are asking how to use these files. First off, you don’t need to be rooted or running a custom ROM. This particular tutorial is for ADW Launcher EX but I will add a Launcher Pro tutorial shortly. I’m pretty sure the regular ADW Launcher will not let you change the docks to custom icons like EX will. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m almost postive you need to buy ADW Launcher EX to be able to customize icons and docks.

Sorry if this tutorial is condescending to some, but I wanted it to be as thorough as possible. Anyhow, lets get started:

Step 1: Click the option button on your phone and bring up the menu on the bottom. Navigate to ADW Settings.


Step 2: Go to “UI Settings”


Step 3: Go to “Main Dock”

Step 4: Select “Dock Background”

Step 5: Select “Custom”

Step 6: Select “Gallery”

Step 7: Select the dock you want to use.

Step 8: Go back to your home screen. Make sure you drag the icons from the app drawer on to the dock itself.

Step 9: Long-press the newly placed icon on your dock until this pop-up shows up. Then select “edit” so you can make the icon blank.

Step 10: Select the picture of the icon you are changing.

Step 11:Select “Picture”

Step 12:Select “Gallery”

Step 13: Select the blank icon. Make sure you know where it is. You can download this icon here: Blank PNG

Step 14: Hit “OK”.

Step 15: Now your icon is blank and you will be able to see the custom dock’s icon.

Step 16: Rinse and repeat and you are finished!


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