Honeycomb Themed Docks

Just made some Honeycomb themed docks this morning. I installed the 3.4.2 Blur leak (Droid X) and put on the Honeycomb theme that I found on androidforums.com and felt like it needed a dock to go with it. I’m going to make some 5 button ones as well, but I really like the 3 button setup, so I started with that first.


3 thoughts on “Honeycomb Themed Docks

  1. Hey i’m probably asking a question i should know the answer to, but what are you using to get the gui and images to work, my droid is stock on froyo, are you using a custom rom and if so which one, your designs are amazing, wish we had you in house in our company.

  2. I’m running a custom ROM with these. It is Apex 1.4.1 with the Honeybread theme (Droid X). To get the dock to work, I use Launcher Pro or ADW Launcher EX. You can use custom docks with both of those launchers and you have to assign the dock icons with a blank .png so the buttons actually work for the indicated actions. I should probably upload a blank one in a zip file so people can have it.

    Glad you like them.

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