Requested Skin finished

Somebody requested a gold and grey skin a few weeks ago and I finally got around to getting it done. When I was working with the illustrator files to make these, I realized that I had them in CMYK color modes and that the blacks in the other skins are more of a dark grey. These gold and grey skins are solid black, so don’t worry about them being dark grey or something. I might just leave the other skins alone and just make a new black/white theme to replace it.

I should also note that these skins (and any of the clock widget skins)are for Beautiful Widgets. Beautiful Widgets can be found on the market for $2.72.

Download the files here:

Also, I’m going to stop using the stock hi-res Droid X image and mix it up with other phones. I could just post the screenshot by itself, but I like putting it on the phone. Silly, I guess.


Sensed Noir Skin…UPDATED

I made this skin awhile ago and forgot about it. It’s not perfect and I realize the numbers need some tweaking for sure, but it might be good enough for some people.

I basically modeled it after another Sense style skin someone made for Beautiful Widgets and I though it would be nice to have a black one as well. They had a charcoal version, but it just didn’t look right for what I wanted. Anyways, you can download this skin:

Some more docks


Now that time has set in, I’m not very pleased with those docks I posted the other day. I recently made some new ones and I really like them. I made some more sense docks, but I also came up with another design.

Icons in progress

Since I was making some docks that need to have icons on them, I had to make a bunch of different icons. Haven’t had much time to work on these lately, but I figured I’d post what I worked on last week. I plan on actually making more of these and I’ll put out an icon package for each color scheme. I’ll get back to the docks and the other icons after I finish up some invitations I’m working on at the moment.

Just a couple of docks

I haven’t finished all of the docks for Launcher Pro yet, but I made a ton of different icons for the docks that I’ll make into icons packages. Here are 3 of the docks that I’ve finished so far:

Takes a bit of work to set these up, but all you need to do is do a long press on the section of the dock the app you want to load and then select a blank icon. You’ll need a blank .png file for that. I’ll make some zips when I can get to it. I’d do it now but I need to head home.

Decurved is done!

UPDATED: Files are now live on the download page.

Just got around to finishing my decurved skins. When I get home I’ll upload the zip files. They’re going to be broken down into sets so people can pick and choose the sets they want. I’m not going to have every single theme downloadable by itself, you’ll have to download that family of skins and delete the ones you dont want. For those that want every skin, I’ll have them all up in one big zip file. I’ll include instructions for anyone that needs them.