Curvy Clock

I’m pretty pleased with how this one turned out. Got a few kinks to work out and then it’ll be on its way to the actual Beautiful Widgets application.


7 thoughts on “Curvy Clock

  1. Your work is amazing. If i may ask, what launcher are you using for this phone. i really like it but dont recognize it. thank you in advance

    • I’m using Launcher Pro and I was running the Liberty 1.0 ROM. Glad you like them! Once I can tear myself away from laundry and playing God of War 3, I’ll try to work on some other color variations and maybe some weather skins as well.

  2. Thank you for the responce. One more question though. Are you using an icon pack for the launcher pro? I don’t see the ones you are using in the ones provided by launcherpro. Thank you again.

    • For my icons im using Launcher Pro Icons. Its on the market for $1.99 I believe. Its pretty nice since it gives you the option to download other docks and icons. There are a bunch of different color options for the icons.

  3. Great looking set up! For the wall papers from your newest blog post (the yellow and green abstract ones) may I suggest a purple variation? I think it would look pretty bad ass. Id use it 😀

    • I’m definitely planning on making some different wallpapers to go along with the new colors I’m working on. Purple/black, pink/black, blue/black and red/black are in the plans to be the next skin colors.

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